Why every event needs live entertainment

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I’ve been fortunate to attend a number of weddings, parties and corporate functions in my adult life: some have been intimate backyard shin-digs on a shoestring budget, others have been no-expense-spared frock-raisers at glamorous venues in our nation’s capitals. When I reflect on the events that stick in my mind as being the most delightfully fun or the most emotionally engaging, location and budget are not the determining factors. Rather the common theme running between these most memorable of events is that they all involved, and the guests revelled in, some form of live entertainment.

Now this may just sound like a convenient premise from which to descend into the virtues of hiring entertainment for any occasion. You may about now be reaching for the proverbial grain of salt to imbibe with these few paragraphs, assuming that I’m motivated to gently persuade you to check out CrowdPleaser, the marketplace for entertainers that we’ve created. But that would only be part of the truth. See whilst I am writing this blog because I hope it will be in my commercial interests to do so, I’m genuinely passionate about the subject matter. I wholeheartedly believe that every event is more magnificent with live entertainment, and if you will just read on, albeit somewhat salty-tongued, I will set out herein to persuade you why this is so.

Live music gets people dancing

I assume there’s some scientific rationale, probably on a cellular level, for why live music compels humans to dance. Indeed it’s a phenomenon that’s been observed for millions of years – early Homo sapiens are believed to have gathered to sing, bang gourds together and jiggle their bodies. Civilisations have been built upon this proclivity.

Notwithstanding my lack of robust biological justification and questionable historical recounting, I trust your own personal experience at events equips you to accept this as a fact. So if it’s important to you, when envisaging how an event you’re planning will play out, that your guests take to their tootsies for some good old fashioned shoe-shuffling, then you must book live music.

A band of some musical variety is probably the ideal, but depending on the space available, the number of guests and your budget, solo or duo musicians may be more your speed. Bear in mind that a guy or girl with a guitar and a big voice can get toes tapping just as well as a stage full of brass and chaps in vests.

Young Country Band

True, chucking on an Apple Music or Spotify playlist costs you nothing, whereas hiring musicians costs you something, but can you put a price on the shared euphoria of musically-motivated movement? I think not.

Entertainment creates atmosphere

Nothing injects personality or energy into an event, communicates a theme or evokes emotion quite like live entertainment. Matching your chosen amusements with the vibe you wish to convey is just as important as selecting the right booze and food. Decide how you want your guests to feel or the environment you wish to create, and then pair your music or entertainment accordingly.

Having a wedding in the country or at a winery? Complete the earthy, organic vibe with a folk trio or bush band. A wedding by the beach calls for a covers duo or band that can belt out some breezy coastal or juicy tropical tunes. A wedding in the city simply cries out for some sultry or smoky jazz.

An intimate dinner party at home is perfectly complemented by an acoustic musician. The ante is upped at a raucous 50th birthday party with a tribute band or some old school classic rock. A fifth birthday party feels enchanted with a fairy, face painters or costumed characters. An office function comes to life with a comedian, caricaturist or motivational speaker.

Even sombre occasions are made all the more special with live entertainment. Having a singer with a keyboard or a guitar or some string musicians at a funeral – either before, during or after the ceremony, or at the wake, is a beautiful way to honour, remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.

Violin player

Live entertainment unites, amuses and gets people talking

A bunch of guests who don’t know each other, which is de rigueur at most weddings, or a gathering of work colleagues can be transformed from an often awkward, painfully polite assortment of individuals into a relaxed crowd, united in their shared appreciation for the event’s entertainment.

Magicians or illusionists bring guests together in small groups to watch them perform. A comedian set will get tongues wagging, laughing and reliving jokes and heckling all night. Roving circus or cabaret performers provide a focal point and a conversation starter, which can be particularly helpful when guests don’t know each other very well.

So what are you waiting for?!

Every event is more awesome with live entertainment. Jump on CrowdPleaser now and book some why don’t you?!

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