8 tips to get more gigs on CrowdPleaser

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We’ve been doing this little CrowdPleaser thing for long enough now that we’re seeing some trends emerge and spying ways you can be more successful at booking gigs through our platform. So we thought we’d jot a few down and punch ‘em up to our blog in the hope you find them useful.

Pick the right profile picture

Your profile picture is the only image that users see when they’re browsing the search results page which means it’s super important.  Try to use an authentic, well-shot image that shows who you are. It also helps if you use a higher quality image (i.e. at least 100KB) as it will look clearer and sharper on the page. We also generally advise against using a logo or text as your profile image as these tend to be less successful compared to shots with people in them.

Add some video

It should go without saying that anyone visiting your profile page is keen to see you in action. Adding at least one video (preferably more) to your CrowdPleaser profile significantly increases your chances to get quote requests and convert bookings. You can add videos on Youtube or Vimeo to your profile – just go to your Profile Editor and drop in the Youtube/Vimeo page link. If there are videos you’d like to show on your profile that aren’t currently on Youtube or Vimeo, let us know and we can take care of it for you.

Is the price right?

If you find you’re often quoting on gigs but not getting a lot of bookings, it could be worth reviewing your pricing. Roughly 80% of users who requests quotes on CrowdPleaser contact more than one artist. Users don’t always book the cheapest act who quotes, but cost can be the deciding factor – especially if it isn’t apparent from the artist profiles they’re comparing why one is worth more than another. If you’re a premium act that charges a premium price, you need to ensure your profile includes good quality photos, videos and sound files, as well as testimonials, any packages and ample detail about what your act offers to make it clear why event organisers should book you over someone cheaper.

To give you a rough idea, our stats show that the average cost of a solo musician booked on CrowdPleaser is somewhere between $100 and $150 per hour. For duos it’s pretty much double this. The easiest way to see what the starting price is for other acts in your location is by going to the “Services Offered” tab on your profile page and clicking on a few of the category links.

Services offered categories
Click on these categories to find other acts in your location

Early bird gets the worm

We’ve found that almost two thirds of users who book entertainment through CrowdPleaser do so within 48 hours of requesting a quote, so obviously it’s important to respond quickly. You should be able to find the information you need to quote on a gig behind the “Show All Event Details” button. At the very least the event organiser should have provided you with the event location and the amount of time they require you for which should hopefully be enough in most cases to send a quote straight away.

Send official quotes

This tip sort of follows on from the last one, but we recommend that you send a quote as soon as possible by clicking on the “Send Quote” button. We’ve noticed a number of entertainers will send a quote via the messaging first to gauge an event organiser’s reaction. This can lead to event organisers being confused as to how they can book you as the “Book” button only appears when you send a formal quote. Remember that you can always cancel and resend a quote in the event it needs to be adjusted.

User's view of event page
The “Book” button only appears for the User after you’ve sent a quote.

Less can be more

When responding to a quote request, be mindful that there can be a fine line between giving the event organiser enough information to assess your service offering and drowning them in too much detail. We’ve noticed that artists who provide too much of a sales spiel in messaging run the risk of turning the event organiser off, so try to keep it succinct.

If you offer different packages, it’s best to include the details of these in the Packages tab of your profile. An event organiser can easily navigate to your profile via a link on the event page, so you can refer them back to that.

Follow up

If you haven’t got a response within 48 hours of sending a quote, it’s a good idea to send the event organiser a follow-up message. Many artists are already doing this and we think it’s awesome.

Covet reviews

We’ve had feedback from users that (other than video) reviews were often the deciding factor when comparing multiple artists’ profiles on CrowdPleaser. Reviews establish trust and authenticity, and the public is becoming very attuned to seeking them out on platforms like ours. CrowdPleaser only allows users who have booked gigs through our platform to submit reviews, so they carry a lot of weight. We send a notification email 48 hours after the date of the event to encourage a user to leave a review for you. If you still haven’t got the review a few days after the gig, it might be worth a follow up.

If you have any questions about any of these tips or just in general about the platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at support@crowdpleaser.com.au. We’d love to hear from you.


  1. Great tips! thanks. One “issue” I have is submitting a quote but then never hearing back from the organiser if they have selected someone else or not either in response to the quote or messages. As a band there are another 4 people waiting to hear the outcome. Is this something Crowdpleaser could assist with?

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